President Sirleaf Issues Executive Order No. 81; Extends Suspension of Tariff on Agricultural Equipment, Live Animals, Agricultural Seeds

Friday, 30th December 2016

Monrovia, Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has issued Executive Order No. 81 – extending the suspension of Tariff on agricultural equipment, live animals for breeding and agricultural seeds.

According to an Executive Mansion release whereas, to continue the development of the agricultural sector in Liberia, the Government has reviewed the tariffs imposed on essential equipment, agricultural seeds, live animals for breeding, and other goods directly related to agricultural development.

The release continued “Whereas, Government recognizes the increased need to stimulate activities in the agricultural sector after years of war; and also recognizes the need to provide incentives under the economic transformation pillar of the Agenda for Transformation by encouraging private sector investment in the procurement of essential agricultural equipment, agricultural seeds, and other goods directly related to agricultural development inter alia, to become self-sufficient in food production”.

The release furthered that in the exercise of Executive Power vested in the President by the Constitution, the President may issue Executive Orders in the public interest, either to meet emergencies or to correct particular situation which await lengthy legislative processes.

Meanwhile, the Executive Order concludes: “Now therefore, the Government of Liberia hereby suspends import tariff on the types of agricultural equipment, agricultural seeds, live animals for breeding, and other gods directly related to agricultural development under the tariff Numbers of the Liberia Revenue Code”. Importers shall pay only the Customs User Fee (CUF) and ECOWAS Trade Levy (ETL); where applicable.

Those benefiting from this Executive order must be directly involved in the forestry and agricultural sectors. The Executive Order takes immediate effect.