President Sirleaf Makes Several Appointments in Government

Thursday, 12th January 2017
Monrovia, Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made several appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Finance, Information, Agriculture, Internal Affairs, as well as the Land Authority, Small Arms and Anti-Corruption Commissions. Those appointed are:
Land Authority
Dr. Cecil T. O. Brandy             - Chairperson
Ms. Ellen Pratt                     - Vice- Chair, Administration/Customer Service
Mrs. Kau Kidau Fahnbulleh   - Commissioner, Land Use/Management
Atty. J. Adams Manobah       - Commissioner, Land Policy &Planning 
Dr. Samuel A. Gooding           - Commissioner,Land Administration
Small Arms Commission
Ms. Bennietta Jarbo - Member National Commission on Small Arms
Liberia Anti-Corruption Commission
Sheba Browne - Commissioner
Ministry of Information, Culture & Tourism
Mr. Jeddi M. Armah - Deputy Minister, Public Affairs
Mr. Rixcks W. Barsi-Giah - Deputy Minister, Technical Services
Ms. Joyce C. Kenkpen - Assistant Minister, Culture
Ministry of Agriculture
Attorney Philomena Williams - Deputy Minister for Administration
Mrs. Seklau E. Wiles - Deputy Minister for Technical Services
Ministry of Finance and Development Planning
Mr. Anthony G. Myers - Assistant Minister for Budget Division;
Mr. Theophilus Addey - Assistant Minister for Regional and Sectoral 
Planning and Coordination Division
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Mr. John Ballout - Ambassador
Ministry of Gender, Children & Social Protection
Mrs. Lucia Massaley Yallah - Deputy Minister, Social Outreach
Liberia National Police
Ms. Sadatu L. M. Reeves - Deputy Inspector General for Administration
Mr. William K. Mulbah - Deputy Inspector General for Manpower & Dev.
Mr. Simeon F. Frank - Deputy Inspector General for Crime Services
Sinoe Community College
Dr. Jerry B. Nyangbeh - President
Ministry of Internal Affairs
Local Appointments
Nimba County
Mr. Dor Cooper - Superintendent
Mr. David L Jacob - Statutory District Superintendent, Yarwin
Mehnsonoh Statutory District
Mr. Abednego Pikawo - Development Superintendent, Yarwin
Mehnsonoh Statutory District
Mr. Josephus Mehnweeleh - Commissioner, Mehnsonoh Admin District, 
YarwinMehnsonoh Statutory District
Mr. Sam Freeman - Commissioner, Zahnlah Admin. District
YarwinMehnsonoh Statutory District
Mr. Kumgbe McGill - Commissioner, Blinlon Admin District, Yarwin
Mehnsonoh Statutory District
Mr. Moses Gbakun - District Inspector
Mr. Levi Bainboe - Land Commissioner, Mehnsonoh Admin Dist.
Mr. Joseph Yarbah - Land Commissioner Zahnla Admin District
Mr. Little Belleh - Land Commissioner, Blinlon Admin District
Grand Gedeh County
Tarley A. Dweh - County Inspector
Mr. Josephus K. Garley - Relieving Commissioner
Mr. Moses C. Neah - Statutory Supt., Konobo StatutoryDistrict
Mr. Abraham G. Gbarduo - Administrative District Commissioner
Tchien, Administrative District
Mr. Joseph W. Tarlue - Administrative District Commissioner
Glio/Twarbo Administrative District
Mr. DwedsonDweh - Township Commissioner, Tarlueville
Tchien Administrative District
Mr. George B. Gbarwea - Township Commissioner, B’hair Admin. District
Mr. Isaac H. Gweh - Township Commissioner, Karley Farley 
Township, Glio/Twarbo Administrative District
Gbarpolu County
Mr. Thomas Ezike - Asst. Statutory District Supt. for Development, 
Gbarma, Stat. District
Ms. Teresa Gbanjah - Statutory District Inspector, Gbarma Stat. District
Mr. Momo Binda - Relieving Commissioner, Gbarma Stat. District
Mr. Alfred S. Morris - Asst. Stat. Dist. Supt. for Dev, Bopolu Stat. District
Mr. John Sulonkolo - Stat. District Commissioner, Bopolu Stat. District
Mr. VarkpanahWymon - Relieving Commissioner, Bopolu Stat. District
Bong County
Madam Viola N. Cooper - Mayor, Gbarnga City
These appointments are subject to confirmation by the Liberian senate where applicable.