President Sirleaf Makes New Appointments in Government

Friday, 17th February 2017

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Monrovia, Liberia-Friday, February 17, 2017: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has made new appointments in government affecting the Ministries of Foreign Affairs, Finance and Development Planning, Commerce and Industry, Internal Affairs, Agriculture, Justice, and the National Public Health Institute. Those appointed are: 

Ministry of Foreign Affairs:

Ms. Vabah K. Gayflor   -  Resident Representative of the President of
                                         The ECOWAS Commission to The Gambia

Ministry of Commerce & Trade:
Mr. Roland S. Carey       -    Deputy Minister for Industry & Inspector  General

Ministry of Agriculture:
Mr. Octavius Quarbo                -    Assistant Minister for Administration

Ministry of Finance & Development Planning:

Mr. Ojuku Nyepan                -    Assistant Minister for Research, Policy & Tax

Ministry of Justice:

Cllr. Charles Karmo                 -    Deputy Minister for Codification

National Public Health Institute of Liberia:

Board of Directors:
Ministry of Finance & Development Planning    Statutory Member
Ministry of Justice/Attorney General        Statutory Member
Chief Medical Officer                    Statutory Member
President, University of Liberia            Statutory Member
Director General, Public Health Institute        Statutory Member
Dr. Moses Massaquoi                    Member
Cllr. Seward Cooper                    Member
Dr. Alex Gasasira                    Member
Mr. John B. S. Davies                    Member
Director General, Public Health Institute        Non-voting Member

Mr. Tolbert Nyenswah            -    Director General
Dr. Mosoka Fallah                -    Deputy Director, Technical Services
Mr. Henry Blake                -    Deputy Director, Administration

Ministry of Internal Affairs:

Nimba County
Mr. N. McPherson David            -    Assistant Superintendent for Development

Bomi County:

Mr. George Gbessie                -    Relieving Commissioner
Mrs. Prosperous Clarke            -    City Mayor, Tubmanburg

Grand Kru County:

Mr. John W. Mah    -    City Mayor, Barclayville City
Mr. Sonpon Kieh    -    City Mayor, Sasstown City, Jrao Statutory District
Mr. A. Weah Dweh -    City Mayor, Barfor City, Dorbor Statutory District
Mr. Francis W. Charlie, Jr.  -    City Mayor, Grancess City, Siklio/Quoajlo Statutory District
Mr. Wilson S. Wiefue   -    City Mayor, Behwan City, Trehn Statutory District
Mr. Miller Jarka            -    City Mayor, Gee City, Buah Statutory District
Ms. Annie S. Himmie  -    City Mayor, Atlantic City, Garraway, Trehn Statutory District
Mr. A. Wleh Sarplah   -    District Commissioner, Felo/Jekwi Admin. District Jrao Admin. District
Mr. Tommy Greenfield -    District Commissioner, Fenitoe Administrative  District, Dorbor Administrative District
Mr. D. Wonplue Teah  -    District Inspector, Dorbor Statutory District
Mr. Jerry K. Nagbe      -    District Inspector, Jloh Statutory District
Mr. William Gyflahn     -    District Inspector, Trehn Statutory District
Mr. Victor Sieh            -    Township commissioner, Barwon Township, Dorbor Statutory District
Mr. Moses Blayon        -    Township Commissioner, Sawken Township,Garraway, Trehn Statutory District
Mr. Joseph N. Martin   - Township Commissioner, George E. Henry Township, Wedabo Beach, Siklio/Quaojlo Statutory
Mr. Seekelon Doe      -    Township Commissioner, Elizabeth CollinsvilleTownship, Siklio/Quoajlo Statutory District
Mr. Jimmy B. Dion     -    Township Commissioner, Gbaken Township, Trehn Statutory District
Mr. Sampson Wantu  -    Township Commissioner, Dougbo Township, Treh Statutory District


Mr. Alfred O. Bai             –     Commissioner, Gbarma Admin District

Grand Cape Mount:

Mr. Z. Marley Doweh, Sr. – Relieving Commissioner, Porkpa/Gola Konneh Statutory District
Mr. Varney Fahnbulleh, Commissioner, Tallah Township.

These appointments are subject to Senate confirmation, where applicable.