President Sirleaf Arrives in Foya, Lofa County; Dedicates Several Development Projects.

Friday, 5th May 2017
President Sirleaf making remarks at Town Hall Meeting in Foya, Lofa County.
President Sirleaf making remarks at Town Hall Meeting in Foya, Lofa County.

President Sirleaf Arrives in Foya, Lofa County; Dedicates Several Development Projects

Foya, Lofa County: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf on Tuesday, 1st May 2017 arrived in Foya, Lofa County in continuation of the Fourth Leg of County Tour, which took her to several towns and districts including: Sorlumba, Yaladu, Sardu, Passia, Kolahum, Kolbah City, Voinjama, Samodu, Quadu-Gboni, Vezela, Kornia and Zorzor Districts. She held interactive town hall meetings, inspected ongoing projects and dedicated several completed development projects.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf was welcomed by traditional chiefs, elders, rural women, youth, students, motorcyclists as well as the local county leaders led by Superintendent George Dunor and members of the County Legislative Caucus. The County Tour is among other things intended to acknowledge and appreciate citizens for keeping 11 years of continued peace and for electing her twice as President.
Prior to attending the Town Hall Meeting, the Liberian leader dedicated the Sorlumba Market, a Commissioner Compound in Foya, Kaiha Bridge that connects Kolahum to Lukabeh and Wahasam in Kolahun District, a Police depot in Samodu, an Administrative Building, Chief Musa Gboni Kamara Compound, and Chief Compound in Samodu, Quadu-Gboni District. She also toured the Voinjama City Water Project and dedicated Vezela Bridge and Town Hall in Vezela Town, among others.
President Sirleaf attended multiple Town Hall Meetings intended to recognize and appreciate citizens for keeping 11 years of uninterrupted peace. She gave out gifts to children, the elderly women and men who lined the road to greet and welcome her. At a Town Hall Meeting held in Foya and Kolahum Districts; President Sirleaf said she was pleased to be in Lofa County. She said no President or administration has done more development than her government has done; she told jubilant citizens of Kolahum.  

She commended the people of Foya City for their earnest desire for peace as manifested by their cooperation with the government for past 11 years. The Liberian Chief Executive emphasized that she did not only come to Foya to dedicate projects but to also interact with citizens and thanked them for keeping the peace and their strong support to the government during the last 11 years.
The Liberian leader then pledged her government’s continued support to the people of Lofa County towards addressing the issue of road network. She said she wanted to complete the road during her administration but there was a small problem that caused the delay by the people who did the study for the road including the deadly Ebola virus disease that added to the delay in the getting the road done in time.

She emphasized that the Gbarnga-Mendikoma when completed will boast trade and economic activities among others. She told the people of Foya that work will begin on the road in the next dry season but will take between 2 to 3 years to be complete. The 270km road from Gbarnga to Mendikoma connects Lofa County, an area of important economic potential also called the country’s “bread basket”. Lofa County pays host to a large proportion of Liberia’s cocoa and oil palm cash crops, as well as an excellent environment for horticulture cum aquaculture production. The road extends to the border with Sierra Leone and serves as a trade link to both Guinea and Sierra Leone.

She congratulated the people of Foya for the level of development they are carrying out in the county including farming activities and the beautiful mountains. She noted Foya and the Unity Party are the same because according to her in 2005 and 2011, Unity Part won all the votes in Lofa County but was quick to note that the votes reduced in 2014.

At the Town Hall Meeting in Kolahum, the Liberian leader reiterated government’s commitment to paving the road from Gbarnga to Mendikoma. She said once paved it will improve trade and commerce and empower farmers to grow more food for the country. She lauded the citizens of Kolahum for standing with her government and keeping the peace. “To have real peace, it had to come from everybody; Thank you for being good citizens; thank you for being good farmers, stay focused and strong.” she highlighted.   
President Sirleaf commended the County Legislative Caucus and citizens for supporting the peace and called on them to continue maintaining and keeping the peace. She said the government could not have done it without the involvement and participation of the citizens. Amid several stopovers along the route to Voinjama, interacted with citizens and presented food and non-food items especially to women, students, youths and children who lined the route to welcome the Liberian leader.

In Voinjama City, President Sirleaf inspected ongoing work at the Water Treatment Project. She was met on arrival and briefed by the Managing Director of the Liberia Water and Sewer Corporation (LWSC), Mr. Hun-Bu Tulay. He told the President once the project is completed it will provide 36,300 gallons of water to Voinjama and its surroundings. He said the date for completion is April 2018 but the First Phrase will be completed December 2017 and it is anticipated that the President Sirleaf will dedicate it.

For her part, President Sirleaf extolled Managing Director Tulay for the level of work done so far on the project. She thanked the contractors; a Liberian-owned Construction Company for the service to the country.

Meanwhile, President Sirleaf visited the Lofa County Community College (LCCC) and the Tellewoyan Hospital to acquaint herself with activities taking place at those institutions. She commended doctors, nurses, teachers and health workers for diligently working to save lives and empower future leaders. She praised them for their distinguished service to the country and people.

At the Lofa County Community College, the students, administration commended President Sirleaf for decentralizing education across Liberia. They expressed gratitude to President Sirleaf for shortening their distance and curtailing their suffering for the quest of higher education. They lauded the Liberian leader for immensely contributing toward the development of the College. The statement was contained in a position statement read by a female engineering student on behalf of the school.

In his vote of thanks, Dr. James N. Kollie, President and CEO of Lofa County Community College commended President Sirleaf for the visit and described her as a “True and Genuine Leader”. He said President Sirleaf has done something for Liberia by decentralizing education.

Speaking earlier President Sirleaf congratulated the students for being in school and encouraged them to stay focused. She said with determination they can remain strong in the last mile adding: “No one can do anything for you without you” stressing that you have selected the right path in life.

En route to Samodu, Quadu-Gboni, President Sirleaf made a brief stopover at the Selma Agriculture Development Corporation (SADC) in David Selma Town involved with purchasing and milling of locally produced rice for sale on the Liberian market. Briefing President Sirleaf John Selma thanked the President for the visit and said SADC is presently using a rice mill with the capacity of milling 2 tons of rice daily. He furthered other mills with similar capacity are expected to be set up in Foya, and Kolahum, Karnplay in Lofa and Nimba counties respectively.   

In Samodu, Quadu-Gboni District # 4 Representative Mariamu B. Fofana commended President Sirleaf for the Peace Liberia now enjoys. She praised the Liberian leader for taking Liberia from grass to grace in terms development and the restoration of Liberia’s dignity in the international community.

While in Voinjama, President Sirleaf visited the Unity Party headquarters to thank partisans for the support given the party and the government. She encouraged them to be committed and stay strong - stressing Unity Party is the strongest.

For his part Superintendent George Dunor applauded President Sirleaf for visiting Foya, Lofa County something he said the citizens appreciate. He used the occasion to list a number of development projects that have taken place in Lofa County since the ascendancy of President Sirleaf. He named among things the construction of more schools, bridges, roads, Town Halls, Commissioner Compounds, Market buildings, and Health Centers.
In separate remarks, the County Legislative Caucus, Women, Foya City Mayor, Paramount Chief, and youth group commended President Sirleaf and the government for the many development projects carried out in Lofa County but was quick to appeal to the President to consider their son, Vice President Boakai for the Presidency come - October 2017.
She promised to look into the special appeal by the citizens of Lofa County regarding endorsing her Vice President adding: “I take heed but government is continuity; so it is in your hands,” she said.