President Sirleaf Challenges Graduates of African Bible Colleges University to Share Knowledge

Sunday, 7th May 2017

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Yekepa, Nimba County: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has challenged graduates of the African Bible Colleges University to share knowledge acquired to transform Liberia. She said quality education is the greatest gift one can give his or her children as it is critical to the foundation for national development and transformation. She encouraged all Liberians to make it their responsibility to provide quality education for their children.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made the statement when she delivered the keynote address at the Fifteenth Commencement Convocation of the African Bible Colleges University on Saturday, May 6, 2017 in Yekepa, Nimba County.  

The Liberian leader urged the graduates to widen their horizons and find their place in society while at the same time use their talents in contributing to the national development agenda and participate in the transformation of Liberia.

She among other things challenged the graduates to reach out and share their knowledge acquired and develop community service projects for safe and improved public places something she said will enhance productivity. She admonished the graduates to find their voice and use their skills for the upliftment of values, especially Christian values.

She called on teachers to appreciate quality education by providing basic skills training and quality education for young Liberians to help decrease the hardship they encountered in urban and rural communities.

Speaking further, the Liberian leader told the graduates to value what they have learned, which she said will position them for the job market. She however cautioned the graduates to be steadfast and faithful in their deeds.

To the students, the Liberian leader said: “I know that there were times when the burden beyond you in family afar seemed more than you could bear, when the spirit of collegiality weakened as you sought only to be alone, when the mountains around you seemed no longer to provide the serenity for thought. I know that there may have been times when you felt like giving up.”

In an inspiring tune, President Sirleaf intimated: “But you labored on, your eyes set on the goal that is today.  You were helped in this journey by the philosophy of your institution, the ABCU, a philosophy engrained in the firm belief that quality education with God’s word at the center will make you a quality leader for Christ.”

She said quality education, by definition is education that is nationally relevant and globally competitive, built upon a foundation of clearly articulated values and ethics, and presents the learner with deserved opportunities. The Commencement Speaker observed that: “Its goal is to transform the learner, who is then able to demonstrate new knowledge, skills and attitudes in readiness to serve humankind.”

President Sirleaf commended Dr. and Mrs. Chinchen, the administration and sponsors of the African Bible Colleges University for their commitment to contributing to education in Liberia. She also lauded the efforts of the parents for supporting their children to acquire quality education.

She praised the persistence of the Chinchens and the goodwill of Samaritan Purse that helped to restore ABCU. “Liberia owes much to you, John and Nell, for the vision and the determination to meet the unfulfilled need for the blending of knowledge with the values of Christianity,” President Sirleaf said passionately.

For his part, Dr. Buz David Beauchamp, President of the African Bible Colleges University thanked President Sirleaf for accepting the invitation to serve as Commencement Speaker for the Fifteenth Commencement Convocation. He said ABCU remains forever grateful to President Sirleaf for her exemplary leadership and commitment to providing quality education for all.

ABC University is nestled at the base of the beautiful East Nimba Range, which makes a conducive environment for study and reflection. The ABCU was opened in Liberia for classes in March 1979 with an initial enrollment of 22 students. The College entered a sad period of history as a result of the Liberian civil war in 1989; the campus was restored in 2003 and classes resumed in 2008.

The Ceremony was graced by several personalities including Hon. J. Carney Johnson, Chairman, ABCU Board, Senator George T. Tengbeh Lofa County and Nimba County Superintendent Doi Cooper among others. Twenty-six graduates received degrees in various disciplines.