President Sirleaf Arrives in River Cess County; Dedicates Projects; Holds Town Hall Meetings

Thursday, 11th May 2017

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Cestos City, River Cess County: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has arrived in Cestos City, River Cess County in continuation of her County Tour. The visit took her to Yarpah Town, Neesuin, Gorzohn, Siahn, Charlie, and Wayzohn Towns - holding Town Hall Meetings and dedicating development projects including the Cestos City Guest House, and the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Town Hall, among others.

According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf, on Tuesday received the traditional welcome from chiefs and elders who were joined by the County Legislative Caucus, local officials led by Superintendent Matthew Daniels, women, youth, students, and partisans of the ruling Unity Party.  
President Sirleaf said she was happy to be back in River Cess County to mainly thank the people for standing by her government during the past 11 years and for electing her twice to the Presidency as well as for contributing to the peace we now enjoy. “What really happened in River Cess has touched me because River Cess County as one of the least developed counties - is lagging behind. She said what the people of River Cess have done - sends a strong message that they are committed to peace. She said the level of development achieved means the county is making steady progress.

The Liberian leader commended the citizens for their strong aspiration for peace manifested by their strong commitment to development and unity; whether through agricultural activities business or their engagement with government for the past 11 years. She called on all citizens of River Cess County at home and abroad to return home and contribute toward the growth and development of their county and people. “All the schools are jam-packed; the schools need annexes to accommodate more young Liberian children who are eager to learn including more professional teachers,” she stressed.

She recalled that the celebration of July 26 Independence this year should have taken place in River Cess County. However, due to the deadly Ebola attack, preparations were delayed, coupled with circumstances beyond the control of the government led to the cancellation. President Sirleaf commended the Legislative Caucus and the citizens for the new development taking place across the county. She stressed the hard work of the women through what they have produced and said it was a matter of surprise and delight. “It means that all the efforts we have made did not go in vain,” she told jubilant citizens.

The Liberian leader reaffirmed government’s commitment in paving the road from Buchanan to River Cess County and from River Cess to Greenville, Sinoe County. She assured the citizens that work will begin on the road during the next dry because all financial arrangements have been made for active road work. President Sirleaf thanked the people of River Cess County for gowning her and promised the women of River Cess food-processing equipment to ease the burden of manually pounding rice and other crops.

The women of River Cess said the honoring and gowning of President Sirleaf was a result of giving them voice including financial and political independence. They praised President Sirleaf for taking women from the back to the front, which has made them decision-makers in government and in the home. Speaking on behalf of the women, Madam Julia Sando thanked President Sirleaf for lifting and promoting women’s issues.
The Liberian Chief Executive was certificated by the Legislative Caucus, Chiefs, students and youths of River Cess County for youth empowerment, promoting education across River Cess County and for exhibiting extraordinary leadership ability in steering the affairs of the country. They however appealed to President Sirleaf for support to their agriculture activities in order to produce more food.

Speaking on behalf of the Traditional Council, Chief Bob Kofi Zar expressed gratitude to President Sirleaf for her leadership role in transforming ex-combatants into useful citizens adding: “Today we are Paramount Chiefs and our country is making progress; Thank you Madam President.”  

For his part, Superintendent Matthew Z. Daniels commended President Sirleaf for the visit and described her as the “Best President” ever in Liberia’s history. He named her ability to demonstrate sound leadership and commitment to development; for the building of roads, airfield, and for prioritizing women’s empowerment and the education of young people.