President Sirleaf Committed to Prioritizing Agriculture; Assures Peaceful Transfer of Power

Friday, 12th May 2017

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President Sirleaf Committed to Prioritizing Agriculture; Assures Peaceful Transfer of Power
Glakon District, Grand Bassa County: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has reiterated government’s commitment to prioritize agriculture amid diversification. She said for a nation to be strong and self-sufficient it must be able to feed itself. President Sirleaf held series of Town Hall Meetings aimed at recognizing and appreciating citizens for helping to keep 11 years of uninterrupted peace. She has assured a peaceful transfer of leadership.

According to an Executive Mansion release, the Liberian leader made the statement last week during an interactive Town Hall Meetings in Gorblee, Wee Statutory District, Civil Compound # 2, Glakon Statutory District, Gio Town, District # 5and District # 1 in Grand Bassa County.

President Sirleaf was welcomed with the presentation of traditional kola nuts from Chiefs, Zoes and Elders led by the Grand  Supreme Zoe of Grand Bassa, market women,  youth, students, the County leadership led by  Grand Bassa Superintendent Levi Demmah as well as the County Legislative Caucus.

The Liberian Chief Executive also lauded the Ministry of Health for decentralizing health care delivery activities across the country. She said although there are still challenges in the sector, much have been done as evidence by the many health care delivery centers across the country. She pledged government’s continued support to health care delivery in the country.

Meanwhile, the Liberian leader said she will remain in the country after the end of her administration in January of 2018 to support women empowerment and related activities in the country.

She said despite outside professional engagements, she prefers to stay and work in Liberia with women at all levels to continue to enhance their empowerment. She noted that despite the remaining months left to the end of her term, more work can be done even within one month.  She however assured a peaceful transfer of power to a democratically elected government in January 2018.

She then committed her administration to working with the respective County Caucuses in order to complete various Legislative Projects. She lauded the citizens and residents of Grand Bassa County for the level of support given the government that have enabled Liberians to enjoy 11 years of uninterrupted peace

Presenting the “Tribal Land Grant” to President Sirleaf, the Chairperson of the Grand Bassa County Legislative Caucus, Sen. Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence thanked President Sirleaf on behalf of the Caucus for her strong leadership and the way she has steered the country in the last 11 years of the administration. She praised President Sirleaf for all she has done especially the uninterrupted peace Liberians enjoy.

While in Buchanan City, Grand Bassa County, President Sirleaf inspected, and dedicated several development projects including a Modern Car Wash Center, Sports Academy, Coastal Defense Project, Radio Station, Youth Center, Health Center and Presidential Guest House initiated by Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence, Hon. Mary Karwa and Hon. Robertson Siaway. President also visited the newly constructed Buchanan Hotel, the Unity Party Headquarters to thank partisans for their support and encouraged them to be committed and stay strong.

Also speaking, Superintendent Levi Demmah commended President Sirleaf for the visit to Grand Bassa County. He catalogued government’s achievements over the past 11 years including the construction of Commissioners’ Compounds, Youth Centers, Town Halls, City Hall, Liberia Water and Sewer facilities, Clinics and Health Centers, High Schools, County Service Center, Market Buildings, Road rehabilitation and reconstruction, and the establishment of the Grand Bassa County Community College, among others.   

In separate remarks Representatives Mary M. Karwa, Rep. Robertson Siaway and Rep. J. Baron Brown commended President Sirleaf for the visit to the county and for the many development projects carried out in Grand Bass County. They appealed to the President to consider some of the ongoing projects including roads, bridges, etc.

President Sirleaf returned to the capital last Thursday.