President Sirleaf Commends Government for Supporting Students at Various Institutions of Learning

Sunday, 6th August 2017
President Sirleaf making remarks at Appreciation Day Event @ Monrovia City Hall.
President Sirleaf making remarks at Appreciation Day Event @ Monrovia City Hall.
Monrovia, Liberia: President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has commended all branches of government for working together and arranging the necessary paperwork as well as finding the resources through the right channels to support the nation's youthful population in pursuit of their education in spite of constraints.
According to an Executive Mansion release, President Sirleaf made the remarks on Friday, August 4, 2017 at the Monrovia City Hall, when hundreds of scholarship beneficiaries gathered and marched through the principal streets of Monrovia climaxed by an appreciation day event at the Monrovia City Hall. The students expressed appreciation to the Liberian leader for supporting less fortunate in society to pursue and acquire quality education - to reach their full potential.
“I know how some of you here today and your parents suffered to put food on your tables; Some of you here don’t have ma, pa, no money to pay your school fees; no jobs, no money to pay rent, among others,” President Sirleaf said passionately. She said it was not done by just her but also commended all of the people who did the paperwork, ranging from the Ministry of State including the National Legislature to push us in supporting these students.
President Sirleaf who initially turned down the scholarship beneficiaries’ requests to honor and appreciate her benevolence, said she was compelled to be at the ceremony, because of the insistence of the students, some of whom are currently working in government, the private sector and self-employed. 
“We saw the future in you, and so that is why we did it,” President Sirleaf told the gathering. She said for them - the future is bright because each one had a personal life story.
President Sirleaf also commended the students; some of whom came from the Ricks Institute, United Methodist University, Cuttington University, the University of Liberia, the African Methodist Episcopal University, Bromley Mission, Stella Maris Polytechnic, Starz Institute, the Catholic run School System, as well as other secondary institutions of learning in the country - for what she called their honesty and sincerity. 
President Sirleaf concluded by cautioning the young people of Liberia to always be determined in whatever they want to be in life, if they should reach their full potential in life, because “everything in life is about how focused you are and to be what you want in life.
Earlier, several of the scholarship beneficiaries, including Miss. Priscilla N.J. Wrolatee, Nohai Zarhou Gibson, a visually impaired, cultural dancers who are now careered people in the areas of plumbing, masonry, carpentry, electrical engineers and teachers, members of the President Young Professionals, nurses, as well as Faith Bobby Tapson - son of a fallen Liberian journalist, Bobby Tapson, as well as parents of the beneficiaries turnout to honor and appreciate President Sirleaf.
Some of beneficiaries broke down in tears because according to them - they were brought from the different parts of the country - without them knowing that they would ever come from the ashes of darkness and poverty to light. They referred to President Sirleaf as: “aunt, mother, grand-ma, and their everything.” They used the occasion to commend President Sirleaf and her family, including Aunty Jennie Bernard, GSA Director General, Mary T. Broh, the late Dr. Edward B. McClain of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs, as well as the members of the National Legislature for closely working together in addressing their plight.
The beneficiaries opened an “Endowment Account” named “The Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Scholarship Foundation for the purpose of assisting other less fortunate coming after them in the Liberian Society, in the an amount of LD$ 200,000.00.
In brief remarks, Vice President Joseph N. Boakai thanked the students for lessons learned and made a commitment of LD$100,000.00 to buttress what has been deposited by the students to the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Scholarship Foundation. He said it is good and remarkable to give back something.