Cabinet Approves Recommendations to Sustain Biometric Identification Registry; Receives Special Remarks from U.S. Ambassador

Wednesday, 1st November 2017
Cabinet Approves Recommendations to Sustain Biometric Identification registry.
Cabinet Approves Recommendations to Sustain Biometric Identification registry.
Monrovia, Liberia: The Cabinet has after careful review of updates on the newly launched National Biometric Identification System (NBIS) unanimously approved appropriate recommendations on the sustainability of the System.
According to an Executive Mansion release, Cabinet, taking due note that the future of the National Biometric Identification System (NBIS) rests on financial support to cover cost of administration, system equipment and supplies, compensation for enrolment personnel, transport equipment, fuel, fuel and etc – advanced relevant recommendations for the financial viability of the Registry.
Based on consultations among key stakeholders including the Board of Registrars, NIR Management, through the Office of the Minister of Finance, the following fees were approved by Cabinet:
i. Basic National ID Card …………………….US$  5.00
ii. ECOWAS-STANDARD National ID Card ..US$10.00 and
iii. Resident ID Card ……………………………US$20.00
The National Biometric Identification System kicks-off on November 15 this year. However, effective July 1, 2018, the national ID card will be a compulsory requirement for verification of identity in the following areas namely – registration of all SIM cards for mobile telephones; application for banking and insurance services, including but not limited to savings accounts, demand deposit accounts, loans, insurance policies, insurance claims; and application for passports, drivers’ license, and tax identification numbers.
Meanwhile, U.S. Ambassador, Christine Elder, as Special Guest during Cabinet’s sitting – thanked members of the Executive Branch of Government for the opportunity to join them especially in light of the American Thanksgiving.
Ambassador Elder said the U.S. government through its various development agencies shall continue to remain engaged with Liberia along its development course by enhancing the various levels of cooperation that subsist between both nations and people.
The senior American diplomat acknowledged her respect for respective Ministries, Agencies and Commissions with which collaboration remain forged, particularly the team spirit that has occasioned diverse partnerships. She said Liberia faces crucial transition and called on Liberians to put their country first.
In a befitting American-styled gesture, Ambassador Elder feted Cabinet members with a variety of sumptuous American delicacies reminisce of the observance of U.S. Thanksgiving.
Speaking on behalf of the Cabinet, Agriculture Minister, Hon. Seklau E. Wiles lauded Ambassador Elder for the lunch, which she described as tasty.