Liberia Marketing Association Elects Interim Leadership, as President Sirleaf Warns Against Misappropriation of Funds

Monday, 24th September 2007
Gender and Development Minister Varbah Gayflor addresses the gathering.
Gender and Development Minister Varbah Gayflor addresses the gathering.
Photo Credit: Adama B. Thompson/Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia - The Liberia Marketing Association has elected a three member Interim Leadership Team. Those elected are Francis Siryon, Dan Sherman, Secretary-general, and Madam Lusu Sloan, Chairlady.

The three officials were elected on Sunday in Monrovia at a gathering of stakeholders of the Liberia Marketing Association, including the Associationís founding fathers and Board of Directors.

The Interim leadership will run the affairs of the Association pending elections in six months. Two additional members of the Interim leadership will be appointed by the Vice President in keeping with a recent consensus by stakeholders of the Liberia Marketing Association.

The process, according to an Executive Mansion release, will be assisted by the Subah Belleh Consultancy Firm.  The Firm has already undertaken an assessment of markets throughout the country.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, speaking following the elections, said the two officials to be nominated will be technicians with the ability to organize and set into motion an effective financial and management system of the Association. ďThose who think they want to come to the Associationís leadership to enrich themselves must think twice, because no one will lay hands on the Associationís money,Ē the President cautioned.

The Liberian President spoke of the support being given to the Liberia Marketing Association through international private initiatives and urged members of the Association to set standards that would attract more support for the LMA. President Johnson Sirleaf pointed to the current renovation of market buildings being funded through private initiatives and stressed the need for sustained support. The President, however, emphasized that such support will not be forthcoming if marketers are in disarray.

The Newly-elected Chairlady of the Interim Leadership, Madam Lusu Sloan, promised to ensure transparency, accountability and the timely disbursement of salaries for those in the employ of the Association. Madam Sloan promised to ensure that elections are held in six months for a leadership of the Liberia Marketing Association.

On behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Abraham Barchue expressed satisfaction over the elections and advised the new Interim leadership to work in collaboration with the Board for the smooth operation of the Association.

Gender Minister Vabah Gayflor, who supervises the renovation and building of markets through private funding, also urged marketers to work together for the growth and development of the LMA and its members.

The new Interim Team replaces the leadership of Madam Comfort Bedell Marshall.