VP Howard Taylor meets Heads of Disabled Organization; offers to employ a female and male in her office

Friday, 16th February 2018
Hon. Jewel Howard-Taylor
Hon. Jewel Howard-Taylor
Photo Credit: Executive Mansion Photo

Monrovia, Liberia - The Vice President of Liberia, Hon. Jewel Howard-Taylor has convened a meeting with heads of Disabled Organizations, emphasizing the need for collaboration within the disabled community.

In a Press Release from the Office of the Vice President, VP Howard-Taylor called on leaders of Disabled institutions to change their mindset on the objectives of forming these organizations  and focus on the positive impact for all.

In the past according to the VP, these organizations were formed for the purpose of   sourcing  donor funding, a situation she noted, no longer exist, thus allowing government to fully shoulder such responsibility.

She said while government remains committed to such responsibility, it behooves the heads of disabled organizations in the country to consider collaborating, with the objective of addressing the plights of people with disabilities.

The CDC-led government’s pro-poor agenda under the leadership of H.E President George M. Weah and Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor, takes seriously the plight of physically challenged people in the country.

VP-Howard-Taylor assured that in fulfillment of this commitment by government, she is considering the employment of female and a male in her office.

The Press Release quoted the Vice President as neither saying that she has no intension to marginalize people with disabilities nor using them to gain popularity.

VP Howard-Taylor therefore, constituted a small committee from the heads of Disabled Organization to investigate and submit findings of qualified persons with disabilities for possible employment into government or other sectors.

She promised to host another meeting in a week for the purpose of finding a way forward on the plight of people with disabilities.

During the meeting, held Thursday Feb. 15, Mr. Ivin jacks, a former Liberian journalist now visually impaired, called for the increase in the budgetary allotment of the National Commission on Disability, to help built the capacity of people with disabilities.

Mr. Samuel Dean, a Physically Challenged and   head of one of the Disabled Organizations, stressed the need for public institutions to consider the accessibility for people with disabilities in the country.

Also Mr. Beyan Korta, a Visual impaired and head of the Christian Association of the Blind proffered the need for government to consider the inclusion of disables, not only at disabled institutions but other institutions without restriction.