VP-Howard-Taylor frowns on stigmatization of children of Disable parents, makes second acquaintance visit with Group of 77

Friday, 2nd March 2018
Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor
Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor
Photo Credit: Executive Mansion Photo

Monrovia, Liberia - Vice President Jewel Howard-Taylor has expressed opposition to characterization of children born of physically challenged and visually impaired parents.

Vice President Howard-Taylor emphasized that in Liberia, the children of   physically challenged parents are restricted to a particular institution of learning referencing the Group of 77 as a case study. ‘Being a physically challenged parent does not mean that the child or children is also physically challenged, as such these children must not be subjected to the stigma of parents of physically challenged’,  VP Taylor asserted.

The Liberian Vice president was speaking Friday March 2, 2018, when she made her second acquaintance visit with the new management of the Group of 77 on New Port Street.

According to a Press Release From the Office of the Vice President, VP Howard-Taylor promised to shortly hold consultation with the Ministry of Education for the purpose of designing a strategy to relocate the children of the physically challenged Currently occupying the facilities of the Group of 77.

She believes that instead of subjecting these children to particular institution of learning, they should be allowed to go to public schools in a regular system and interact with the regular   children.

According to the Vice President, the relocation plan of the school from the Group of 77 to a suitable site, would create more spaces for training more people with disabilities to become self-sufficient.   

Madam Howard-Taylor used the occasion to announce several new changes within the new management team of the Group of 77 with the objective to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The release quotes the Vice President as appointing the Head of the Christian Association of the Blind Beyan Korta as Adviser to the current management.

She also disclosed that further adjustment has been made to include a Deputy Executive Director for the Deaf and Dumb, Deputy Director for the visually impaired and Assistant Directors.

Madam Florence Wafia-Ciaphia  is the current Executive Director of the Group of 77, appointed recently by the Vice president, Hon. Jewel Howard-Taylor.

Meanwhile, Vice president Jewel Howard-Taylor has presented two desktop computers to the new management team of the Group of 77 as a start up to the transformation of the institution.