Vice President Taylor Supports Red Cross Women Empowerment

Monday, 21st May 2018

Monrovia, Liberia - Vice President Chief Dr. Jewel Howard Taylor has presented the first one million Liberian Dollars as part of her strong commitment to support the Liberian Red Cross Women Training and Integration project.


According to a release from the office of the VP, the one million LD is meant to create a micro credit scheme with zero interest for all the WIN graduates but use as a revolving fund to help support the women in term of sustainability of their businesses after graduation.


The Veep is expected to present another million Liberian dollars later this month to the Red Cross to cover the transportation expense and other needs to keep the 200 women currently enrolling in the 8th cycle of the Red Cross’ WIN project.


This will bring to 2 million Liberian dollars, the VP total support to the Red Cross women empowerment program in less than two months.


The VP has vowed not to establish any other women empowerment program but maintained that all her support will be directed to the Liberian Red Cross WIN program. But the VP on May 14 requested further partnership to the program that is changing lives and restoring the dignity of vulnerable women.


The Red Cross WIN project is providing skill training to restore the dignity, values and morals of vulnerable and marginalized women and girls who live in the streets, slum communities and have neither formal education nor skill. At least 1,202 women have graduated from the program and received both start up kits and cash assistance grant since 2009 from the Red Cross.


Madam Howard Taylor was inspired and further stressed the need to make the WIN Project a national program as well as diversify the concept to help both men and women who are less fortunate otherwise known as zogos. 


She promised to engage the government through the president who is also interested in youth capacity building to generate support as well the WIN project is strongly in support of the Government Pro-poor Agenda. 


The President of the Liberian Red Cross Jerome Clarke has expressed gratitude to the Vice president for the incredible support and maintains that the Red Cross will truly welcome additional support at the moment as the Red Cross is currently has a 52 % gap in the WIN 8th cycle budget.


He said the Red Cross has currently raised 101 thousand but need  additional 125-thousand USD to successfully complete the cycle and provide the beneficiaries with startup kits and cash grant assistance.


Mr. Clarke however added that the Red Cross will continue to empower women with skills and confidence necessary to secure a job and regain a home with dignity for themselves and their children; sustaining livelihood and promoting independence.