Vice President Boakai Urges Liberians to Exercise Patience

Saturday, 13th October 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - Vice President Joseph N. Boakai is urging Liberians to know where they are coming from and to exercise patience with the Unity party-led government as it strives to rebuild the country.

He said that it takes a lot of work to restore lost dignity, and reminded that just two years ago, Liberia was considered a failed state with which nobody wanted to do business.

“It is only now that people are learning the name Liberia again. It is only now that one can hear ..’This is the BBC in Monrovia’,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

He was speaking Thursday during a fact-finding visit to the northwestern provincial city of Bopolu in Gbarpolu County.

The Vice President said it was unfortunate that people are just concerned about the hike in the prices of basic commodities, failing to realize that a lot of things need to be done to put the country back on the right path.

He assured the Unity party-led government’s commitment to improving their livelihood, and decried the deplorable condition of the road leading to the county, noting that without roads, there can be no schools.

Vice President Boakai disclosed that this dry season government would reconstruct all major roads in the country, to give investors and development partners access to all parts of the country.

Vice President Boakai thanked citizens of Gbarpolu County for supporting the Unity Party during the 2005 elections, and urged them to remain united as the government strives to bring development to their county.

The Mayor of Bopolu City, William Mawolo, Sr. presented the Vice President with the traditional gift of kola nuts and chicken, symbolizing purity of heart.

In remarks, the acting Paramount Chief of Bopolu District, Momo Karbo, cited bad roads and inadequate health facilities as major challenges facing the county.