Tuesday, 6th November 2018

Monrovia-Liberia  -The Office of the Vice President of the Republic of Liberia notes with utter dismay, attempts by the host of a local Radio Talk Show, Mr. Henry Costa, to denigrate the character of the Vice President by making totally untrue assertions about her activities.


On the Monday, November 5th Edition of the Show, in spurious assertions, the Vice President was accused of having a meeting with Companies in the Gaming Sector sometime in early October, 2018, with an agenda to coerce them into making donations to the Jewel Starfish Foundation.


Cognizant of the Office’s responsibility to remain engaged with the public and provide clarity on issues emanating from our activities, it is imperative that we provide this clarity for the public.


At no time was any meeting held either, in public or private, where the Vice President met with stakeholders of the Gaming Sector without the National Lottery Authority; nor did she coerce or force any entity to make donations to the Jewel Starfish Foundation.


The Office of the Vice President finds this unsavory radio programing by a Radio Talk Show Host as squarely inimical to the purpose of fostering harmony and truth in the decent society that President Weah is so committed to building.


The Office of the Vice President as a part of the Executive Branch; is fully committed to supporting the Pro Poor Agenda of this Government; and seeks only to provide education and empowerment opportunities for girls in difficult circumstances.


The Office of the Vice President recommits to following all of the laws of our Country and asks others to do the same; instead of using valuable time to spread seeds of discord and misinformation to the public.