Press Statement from the Executive Mansion

Thursday, 18th October 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - The attention of the Ministry of State for Presidential Affairs has been drawn to an article written in the Public Agenda entitled ‘If I Were Ellen, I Would Not Let the Mansion Defiled and Collapsed in Rot,’ dated October 12, 2007.

In the article, the Public Agenda creates the impression that the Executive Mansion has been blatantly abandoned by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and that ‘she has allowed the palace of the Liberian Presidency to perish in neglect and decade.’

The process of information dissemination would have been better served had there been a request to the Ministry of State as to the status of the Executive Mansion and its environs. For the benefit of the public, the Mansion is currently being assessed by a team of professional engineers under the consultancy of Milton and Richards Incorporated, while the maintenance and domestic services are being conducted by the Ministry of State. The President has emphatically stressed the need to complete the renovation for the resumption of executive activities in the Mansion. In all her endeavors, the President has been exemplary in her statutory responsibility and would in no uncertain terms, as suggested by the Public Agenda, neglect, ignore or abandon the Executive Mansion.

The Ministry of State realizes that the status of the Executive Mansion is of concern to the Public Agenda, but urges the paper to contact the administration and refrain from publishing articles which are characterized by conjectures and innuendos.