Gbarnga Local Post Office Dedicated

Saturday, 27th October 2007
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has reminded Liberians that nation building, especially after a devastating civil conflict, requires patience and sacrifices. “As a nation, we need to shift our paradigm from using violence as a means to solve problems,” Vice President Boakai cautioned.

He observed that violence breeds nothing but destruction and mayhem, adding, “What we benefited from the years of war is damaged infrastructure, loss of loved ones and wasted years that could have been used to improve our country, like other peaceful countries have been doing”.

Vice President Boakai  made the remarks Friday, during the dedication of the Bong County local post office in the provincial city of Gbarnga.

The Liberian Vice President called on citizens of Bong County to be good citizens and maintain and protect the post office saying, “For once we should consider government properties or facilities as our own”.

Vice President Boakai reiterated government’s commitment to transforming the country, including improving roads, restoring electricity, providing safe drinking water, putting in place a sound economic framework, providing education for children and linking the people to the rest of the country through the postal system.

He also challenged Liberians to endeavor to become self-reliant and to do away with the dependency syndrome, and lamented that hundreds of acres of land are wasting, while the citizens cry for food. “As the government seeks goodwill out there to build this country, we as citizens must join hands in volunteering our services in community work,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

The Liberian Vice President regretted the spate of armed robberies and murders reported in Bong County in recent times, and used the occasion to call on the peace keeping mission to reinforce their presence in the county so as to put an end to such incidents. “Our people have suffered too much and, there is no need to put them through any further suffering,” Vice President Boakai added.

Also speaking at the ceremony, the Minister of Posts and Telecommunications, Jackson E. Doe, said the Unity Party-led government is committed to ensuring that the postal system is once again credible, and that items sent by post are secure.