19 Novemeber Press Brief

Monday, 19th November 2007
  • President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is deeply troubled at the apparent reckless abandon to violence by individuals who wish to create unnecessary tension and terror in the country, thereby undermine governmentís efforts to secure a peaceful and stable environment for its people, in order to attract the necessary image that would encourage foreign investment in the country.

    The President has been briefed by the Justice Ministry and other law enforcement authorities of the unfortunate incidents in Grand Bassa County on Saturday and has sent the strongest message to the authorities concerned to get to the bottom of the incident and restore sanity, order and the rule of law in the area.

    The President expresses deepest sympathy and condolence to the family of the Belgian national, Bruno Michiel; the Management and staff of the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC) for the loss of a dear and young life of someone who has shown remarkable commitment to the improvement of the lives of the people of Grand Bassa. For his live to be cut short in this barbaric manner, is deeply regretted and totally unacceptable.

    We want to reassure the general public that the weekend incidents will not go unpunished; the perpetrators will be rounded up, as it is already been done and they will face the full weight of the law at the earliest.

    The President also wants to assure the Liberian people that these calculated attempts to frustrate governmentís efforts by instilling fear and insecurity among our people, thereby discouraging private investment in the country will not succeed. Her determination to pursue the development agenda of the country remains unwavering.
  • The President also extends heartfelt condolences to the government and people of Bangladesh for the loss of more than 2-thousand lives that Asian country suffered as a result of devastating cyclone which hit the country last week. Our prayers go out to the bereaved families in Bangladesh as they mourn the loss of their loved ones. 

    The government of Bangladesh continues to play a leading role in peace keeping efforts in the country. The countryís peace keepers have gone beyond the normal peace keeping duties by getting involved in other national development initiatives including agriculture and reconstruction of various road networks in the country, among other initiatives. It is the Presidentís prayer that as the people of Bangladesh undergo this difficult moment, Allah will grant them courage and fortitude to endue the tragedy.
  • Finally, the Presidentís visit to the Middle East continues with a meeting Tuesday with the Israeli Prime Minister, Mr. Ehud Olmert. The President has already held talks with President Shimon Perez. The meetings, so far, have been very successful, with the President welcoming a decision by an Israeli Investment delegation to visit the country in January next year.

    Israel, you may have heard, has also agreed to assist Liberia towards the countryís  reconstruction.