President Weah Rallies Citizens to Defeat Coronavirus

Tuesday, 5th May 2020

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion


Monrovia, Liberia:  President George Manneh Weah has made yet another clarion call to citizens and residents of Liberia to put hands on deck towards surmounting the deadly coronavirus disease in the country.


The President said the cooperation and contribution of every citizen and resident is critical for the timely defeat of the pandemic.


"I want to appeal to Liberians to listen to health promotions from experts and partners about prevention protocols which include social distancing or wearing of face masks and regular handwashing,” the President said on Tuesday, May 5, 2020 speaking via telephone on Freedom FM.


“If you will have to save your father, mother or child, then you must keep yourself away from coronavirus’ way—you have to protect yourself, first and foremost, from getting sick, and people around you will be safe."

He assured the public that his government, in concert with partners, would continue to do whatever is humanly possible to defeat COVID-19 and return Liberia to normalcy.


“I have taken the Constitutional Oath to protect life and property and I am under moral obligation to ensure that Liberia conquers the deadly virus,” the Chief Executive said. “But the citizens have to give me the space which requires their cooperation and contribution for us all to achieve this.”


President Weah bemoaned the carefree attitudes of some citizens who disregard health protocols, reject national lockdown restrictions and attack law enforcement officers.


“All of what this government, including those charged with the responsibility to enforce lockdown and health protocols, is doing is in the direct interest of the people; it is all in the interest of protecting and saving lives,” he stressed. “It doesn’t give undue advantage to some citizens over others but is intended to ensure that we are on course with measures that all other countries and peoples are taking to defeat the pandemic.”


The President averred that in the coming days or weeks, there could be additional actions that would require stricter lockdown measures for a limited time as a way of harshly attacking the spread of the virus, and that Liberians should be ready for such times.


"I know it's going to be tough, but we have to do it if we want this nightmare to end,” the President further said. “Let the Liberian people know that I am not trying to stall their lives, but in this period of pandemic, I have a moral and constitutional duty and responsibility to ensure that our people and our nation are safe."


The Liberian Leader also announced that the food support program contained in his stimulus package during the period of the pandemic would soon commence.

In order to increase the COVID testing regime in the country, the President also disclosed that he is in touch with partners to bring into the country ten-minute testing kits.

President Weah praised the level of cooperation and collaboration he is receiving from partners as well as political and religious leaders and the media who have joined the fight against COVID-19.