Government of Liberia Negotiate Firestone Agreement

Monday, 3rd December 2007
Members of the Press:
I have couple of issues to share with you.
  • The Office of the President wants us to have you informed that negotiations on the agreement between the Management of Firestone and the Government of Liberia have been concluded. The agreement was concluded recently between Firestone and government negotiators headed by the Minister of Agriculture.

    The Agreement will serve as a model for future negotiations involving the rubber sector including the Liberia Agriculture Company (LAC); Cavalla Rubber Plantations, Cocopa, among others. The Firestone Agreement is part of a comprehensive review of all concession agreements by the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Administration to ensure that the national interest is protected and not compromised. Details of the Firestone Agreement will be released to the Public in due course by the relevant authorities.
  • The second issue has to do with the United Nations continued imposition of travel ban on a number of our citizens. The President wants to reiterate that the travel ban was not imposed on citizens by government. The restrictions are strictly those imposed by member countries of the United Nations Security Council. Based on their own assessments, they decide when or why such restrictions should be lifted.

    The office of the President has, accordingly, been informed that the Security Council has lifted its restrictions on Madam Grace Minor, pursuant to resolution 1521 (2003) concerning Liberia. Madam Minor, has also been removed from the UN Assets Freeze List of individuals and entities subject to financial restrictions contain in paragraph 1 of resolution 1532(2004). The decision was reached on November 28, last week.
Let me also use this opportunity to respond to a number of inquires to the effect that the United Nations has or intends to include more names on its travel ban list.

The Office of the President is not aware, nor has it been informed of any such action by the U.N. Security Council. It is our belief, that the Council will, as it has done, continue to review the list from time to time and act accordingly, in keeping with its own assessment.
  • Finally, as we enter the Christmas season and in keeping with the spirit of the Holidays, the President is appealing to all citizens to keep alive the spirit. You can do so in several ways once such measures achieve the desired effect.

    The President is, however, encouraging all residents to give their premises a facelift by painting their homes, cutting or trimming the trees in your yards, clearing the vines around your structures and performing whatever activity that would give your facilities the outlook they deserve for the holidays.
The Government for its part will continue to exert all efforts to ensure that its citizens enjoy a rewarding and peaceful holiday season, by ensuring that civil servants and other government employees are paid in time for the holidays.