President Weah’s Convoy Drenched in Maryland’s Human Tsunami

Tuesday, 23rd February 2021

Photo Credit: Executive Mansion

(Pleebo, Maryland County): President George Manneh Weah’s nationwide tour has bumped into huge swarms of locals, and it seems the farther in goes deep into the countryside, the more crowds swell and overwhelm the entourage.


On Tuesday, February 23, 2021, when the president and delegation crossed over from River Gee County where an avalanche of citizens had greeted and celebrated the two-day stay of the entourage, many had thought that River Gee, and earlier Nimba and Grand Gedeh, had put up the most unbeatable welcome ceremonies in terms of crowds that would not be found elsewhere. But that was a mistaken conclusion because when Marylanders woke up to greet the President and his delegation, it appeared incomparably breathtaking.


The President and delegation must have been spellbound by such a tsunamic welcoming celebrations that swept through towns, villages and hamlets along the route, particularly in Pleebo.


Young people, including students and bike riders, elderly people, and all other segments of the local population, converged on the highway toward Pleebo and Harper to take a glimpse of the President and delegation.


Although there was poor showings in less populated villages and towns, such as Karloken and others, almost suggesting that Maryland County would not put up a more spirited welcome seen in Grand  Gedeh, Nimba and Bong Counties, the situation changed close to Pleebo and other bigger towns, leaving the visiting caravan bewildered.


Traditional dancers (war dangers) swarmed the streets and street shoulders, along with women youth and women groups, students, religious organizations, amongst others, parading with and waving self-printed banners and posters as the convoy cruised on.


"I have been around since the days of William V.S. Tubman, William R. Tolbert, Samuel K. Doe, but it is my first experience seeing human beings like colonies of ants in the streets since the morning hours to give President Weah this colorful welcome," remarked jubilant Mark B. Nebo, 72, of New Pleebo.


Struggling for the appropriate words to describe such experience, Mr. Nebo stated God truly ordained President Weah to lead Liberia.

Singing, chanting of different slogans by a sundry of organized groups, the entire atmosphere looked like the famous victorious CDC campaign periods.

Various groups sang: “Bad Road Medicine in town! Your leave o, that Weah we want! George Weah! George Weah! George Weah!”


The people of the ‘Land of Sunshine and Happiness’, as Maryland County is nicknamed, didn't hold back in practicalizing their identity, love and support for the President.


In a display of humility and selflessness, the Liberian Leader disembarked his vehicle, walked amongst the swarms of locals, saving and greeting.

As he did, the crowd continued to overwhelm him, putting lot of pressure on security officers.


President Weah marked the triumphant entry into Maryland County with dedication of several projects.

In Pleebo, the President dedicated the newly built Maternal and Child Health Ward at the Pleebo Health Center.

President Weah, in brief statement, before cutting the ribbon, thanked the administration of the Hospital for the support to the health sector and urged to maintain and use the facility for the benefit of citizens.

He also lauded Partners in Health for working with the government to strengthen the health sector and save lives.

At a Town Hall Meeting in Pleebo, President Weah also thanked citizens for the support and mammoth welcome accorded him, saying that he was excited to be in the City of Pleebo.

The president informed Pleebo citizens of the progress the government has made since the last three years amid thongs of challenges.

Citizens of Pleebo earlier through their City Mayor thanked the President for embarking upon the long-awaited tour, noting that the massive turnout of citizens is an expression of gratitude for the numerous development initiatives the President has undertaken since his ascendency.

Like citizens of other counties visited, Pleebo citizens presented a checklist of issues for his intervention, including a review of the Cavalla Rubber Corporation (CRC) and Maryland Oil Palm Plantation, MOPP agreement as well as the opening up of Pleebo.

The town hall meeting was characterized by heart-touching moment when Mandingo and Fula women presented a sundry of gifts to the president and wished him God’s blessings as he stirs the ship of the country.

Earlier in Karloken, the President Weah broke ground for the construction of a district administrative building.

At a Town Hall Meeting, citizens of Karloken and Barrobo Districts called for the President’s intervention in addressing challenges they are faced with. The mentioned the land dispute between Maryland, Grand Kru in Wloklee, where they claimed their people who lived in Wloklee for years were expelled.

They also appealed to President Weah to intervene in placing several chiefs who are not payroll on salary, among others.

President Weah told citizens of Karloken to channel development request through lawmakers.