President Sirleaf Breaks Grounds for Capitol Building Renovation

Tuesday, 5th December 2006
President Sirleaf formally launches the renovation of the Capitol Building.
President Sirleaf formally launches the renovation of the Capitol Building.
Photo Credit: Executive Mansion
Monrovia, Liberia - President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf Tuesday participated in ground breaking ceremonies for the renovation of the Capital building, the official seat of the National Legislature.

In remarks the President thanked the government of the United States for its support toward the development of the country. The President made specific mention of U.S. involvement in the rehabilitation of centers throughout the country including border points and custom facilties. The president also thanked USAID for providing training in a number of areas, describing the U.S. as a true partner and friend.

The Liberian leader thanked members of the Legislature for their patience and understanding and lauded them for ably performing their duties despite the difficult working conditions.

The Chief Executive urged Liberian contracting firms which are being given an opportunity to undertake projects in the country, to give it their best so as to strengthen their capability.

House Speakers Edwin Snowe, and President Pro Tempore of the Senate, Isaac Nyenebo, lauded US Ambassador, Donald Booth and the President for their efforts in ensuring that the Capitol Building is renovated.

Speaker Snowe urged the President to “go an extra mile” by seeking further assistance to help build the capacity of personnel of the National Legislature.