Executive Mansion Reacts to TRC Allegations of Interference

Monday, 18th February 2008
  • Our attention has been drawn to media reports quoting a release purportedly from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission that ďa highly placed individual at the Executive Mansion is at the vanguard of the Michael Davis, alias Sundaygar Dearboy campaign, aimed at discrediting the TRC.Ē

Our Office views the allegations by the TRC as grave and alarming and must not be left to pass without setting the record straight.

President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and her government remain firmly committed to the principles of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission and will continue to support its work to ensure a successful completion of the process and its mandate. The material and moral support government has provided the Commission, remains an open secret that has been acknowledged by Commissioners of the TRC.

It must also be noted, that the President has absolutely no reason to protect or give support to anyone who is giving testimony or undergoing the TRC process.

We, therefore, urge the Truth and Reconciliation Commission to provide more details on whatever information the Commission may have in its possession regarding the activities allegedly by personnel of the Executive Mansion to undermine its work. Such information will enable the Executive Mansion to take the necessary punitive measures against anyone found interfering in the work of the Commission.

  • The President is satisfied with the high level of enthusiasm Liberians are exhibiting towards the visit of US President George Bush on Thursday this week. Many of our citizens have called to say how proud they are that the United States President could choose Liberia as one of five African countries he has included on his tour. During a meeting between the two leaders following President Bushís arrival, President Johnson Sirleaf will use the occasion to showcase the progress government has made since the inception of her administration; buttressed by the strong support President Bush and his administration have demonstrated towards her government. Despite the progress government has made, the Liberian President  will inform President Bush of the many challenges her government is still grappling with, in the areas of road rehabilitation, electrification, and unemployment, and the need to speed up the delivery of promises the US has made towards governmentís development programs.

Finally, we want to congratulate the Independent Daily Observer newspaper on the 27th anniversary of the paperís existence.  The Daily Observer, one of the nations leading Independent Dailies, is undoubtedly one of the most influential newspapers in the country. The paper has had its challenges over the years but has never relented in demonstrating its commitment to high journalistic standards. We congratulate the Management and Staff of the Observer on its anniversary, and urge the paper to continue to pursue the truth with objectivity and a sense of national responsibility.  We will continue to provide the enabling environment to enhance the work of the paper and the media in general, because we believe that a responsibly free and unhindered press can ensure a sustained democracy and national development.