Vice President Boakai Denies Chronicle Report

Wednesday, 23rd April 2008

Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has described as ‘unfounded’ a report published in the Wednesday, April 23 edition of the Chronicle Newspaper  titled: In President Sirleaf’s House: Troubling Disclosure!

In the article sub-titled –Dinner Table Makes Major Political Decisions, the Chronicle claims that Aunt Jenny, the elder sister of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, last Wednesday, April 16, informed Vice President Boakai at a dinner table that the President would not be contesting the presidency for the second term.

The Chronicle said in its report that Aunt Jenny asked the Vice President and other stakeholders to begin to search for a new standard to lead the Unity Party to the next elections because the President was overworked, frustrated and sick.

“This information has spread like wild fire among UP elites, sending chills down the spines of higher-ups in the ruling party,” the paper said.

But in his rebuttal Wednesday, Vice President Boakai said there was no meeting on April 16 between him and the President’s Sister or any other member of the Sirleaf family to discuss a political decision or any other matter, as claimed by the Chronicle.

Vice President Boakai described the publications as tactics being employed by detractors to divert attention from the mammoth reconstruction effort.

“The Unity Party led by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has been more concerned about the mandate given it by the Liberian people to rebuild the devastated country.. It is too early to begin thinking about succession or retention of power,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

He added that is left with the Liberian people to decide at the appropriate time, if the people want the Unity party to succeed itself.

Vice President Boakai said President Johnson Sirleaf has made it clear that her current trip to the United States is in the interest of the Liberian people and to seek her routine medical check.