Vice President Boakai urges Liberians to shun violence

Thursday, 1st May 2008
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai has urged Liberians to henceforth shun violence and learn to live together in peace.

“We hope nothing more would create problems between Liberians and that they would learn to solve their problems without resorting to violence,” Vice President Boakai said.

The Liberian Vice President was speaking at a reception hosted in his honor Wednesday by traditional chiefs and County officials of Grand Gedeh at the Superintendent’s residence in Zwedru.

He observed that Liberians have nothing to show for the 15 years of war they fought, adding, “The only thing we gained was the bitter experiences we now live with”.

Vice President Boakai commended Grand Gedeans for the level of peace now prevailing in their county and for the cooperation they have shown the Ellen Johnson Sirleaf-led Government, and urged them to continue to cooperate with the Government as it strives to improve the living standards of Liberians.

Earlier in remarks, the Senior Paramount Chief of Konobo District , Joseph S. Doe assured Vice President Boakai that Grand Gedeans would henceforth shun violence and live in peace.

“We are living in peace; there is no trouble in the county. We want development in our country; we don’t want problem and we will not plan for it anymore,” the Paramount Chief said.

Earlier, the Superintendent of Grand Gedeh County, Christopher Bailey guided Vice President Boakai on a tour of the unfinished multi-million dollar building constructed by the late President Samuel Kanyon Doe, the Zwedru Correction Palace and the Zwedru Park now under construction.

Vice President Boakai also spoke at the graduation ceremony of trainees of the Agro Processing Equipment fabrication. The 22 trainees from Nimba, Grand Gedeh and River Gee Counties, underwent six months training in the manufacture of agro processing equipment, with funding from the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO).