President Sirleaf Encourages Liberians to Return to the Soil

Monday, 16th June 2008
The Executive Mansion is pleased to highlight the following developments;
  1. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is encouraging Liberians from all walks of life to participate in a one-day agricultural sensitization program to be held on Thursday, June 19th, 2008. This program is to enable all Liberians to go back to the soil. The President sees this measure as extremely significant, given the global food crisis. This one-day sensitization program is being organized to inform the Liberian people about continuing increases in domestic food prices. It will also acquaint Liberians, as well as those residing in Liberia, with steps the Government of Liberia has taken, as well as future plans to mitigate domestic price increases. These plans are directly linked to the governmentís vision of increasing domestic food growth.

  2. The President is fully aware of the transportation difficulties in the country and is pleased to reveal to all Liberians that the Monrovia Transit Authority (MTA) is in the process of concluding arrangements for additional buses to aid the public transport system. The buses will be arriving in Liberia in a few months. In the meanwhile, the President is asking all Liberians to be patient as she is doing all she can to ensure that the buses arrive in the country at the earliest possible time.

  3. The President prays and wishes that all Liberian children enjoy todayís celebration of ĎThe Day of the African Childí. As such, she wants it made emphatically clear that the Government of Liberia is doing all it can to enhance the living conditions of children in Liberia. She is also mindful that all children of primary school going age are to be in school and is therefore calling on all families to enforce this measure. Additionally, President Johnson Sirleaf condemns the sex scandal involving some school girls which occurred at the Guthrie Rubber Plantation recently. To this end, she has asked the Ministry of Justice to look into the matter and determine the proper punishment for culprits.

  4. President Johnson Sirleaf wants it made known that she is doing everything possible to ensure the safety of each and every Liberian. In this regard, she is ensuring that the police and other elements of the security apparatus are beefed up to enable them carry out more effective patrols. The Government is also feverishly looking at revamping the mines in the country, which it believes will serve as a source of youth employment. She is also calling on neighborhood watch teams to challenge the government to provide them support. This will enable them be more effective in ensuring the safety of community dwellers.