Lack of adequate healthcare, education are tied to poverty-V.P Boakai

Friday, 4th July 2008
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberiaís Vice President, Joseph N. Boakai has observed that there is a correlation between poverty and poor health, illiteracy and lack of legal knowledge and that empowering the citizenry educationally and improving health care delivery would help alleviate poverty.

He said the establishment of a branch of the Bangladesh based NGO BRAC, which believes in an integrated approach in solving societal problems, would help the Liberian Government attain its poverty alleviation goals.

Vice President Boaki made the observation Thursday, when he held discussions with executives of the Bangladeshi NGO BRAC, now on a visit to the country, in the Cabinet Room of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Vice President Boakai emphasized that when fully established in Liberia,   BRAC would become a partner in Governmentís poverty alleviation program.

Briefing the Vice President earlier, the Founder of BRAC, F.H Abed, said he intends to register BRAC in Liberia as an NGO and finance organization, and that he would like to see BRAC operating in 13 locations in Liberia in the next 18 months.

Mr. Abed said BRACís immediate program in Liberia is to establish a microfinance program with supporting pilot programs in health care and agricultural development.

He said his agricultural program in Liberia will include developing livestock and the use of artificial insemination for milk production.

The BRAC Founder said due to the role bad governance plays in the impoverishment of nations, his organization would also train government officials in better governance.

Mr. Abed who is heading a three-man BRAC delegation to Liberia, said his organization founded in Bangladesh in 1972, has branches in Asia and Africa, including Afghanistan, Southern Sudan and Sierra Leone.