Vice President Challengeas LAC Management

Tuesday, 19th August 2008
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai is calling on the management of the Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC) in Grand Bassa County to strive to further improve conditions at the plantation.

He challenged the LAC management to live up to its responsibility to provide health, educational and better housing conditions for workers, saying,  “We want to see more that will benefit our people”.

Speaking at an interactive forum in Bia Bia Camp during a two-day fact-finding visit he paid to LAC at the weekend, Vice President Boakai, accompanied by Grand Bassa County District Number Three Representative Byron Brown, emphasized that “While government supports and encourages companies operating in Liberia, we want the lives of our people to improve. We want to see them enjoy good housing, educational and health facilities”.

“Rubber Camps should not be slave camps. Our people should work in dignity,” Vice President Boakai emphasized.

The Liberian Vice President further challenged the LAC management to provide recreational facilities, computer training and meaningful activities like adult literacy on camps to divert the attention of youth and other age-groups from rubber theft and other crimes.

He said because crime is usually mostly perpetrated by youth, providing opportunities for them to earn some livelihood like micro-credit loans, would divert their attention from rubber theft and other crimes, noting, “As is usually said, the idle mind is the devil’s workshop”.

Vice President Boakai assured the management of LAC that the Unity Party-led government is committed to protecting all investments, local or foreign, and that the renegotiation of the LAC concession is merely intended to ensure that residents of the concession area  benefit from their God-given resources.

During his two-day visit to LAC, Vice President Boakai toured the concession’s hospital, the Catholic-run St Joseph’s School High School, Bia Bia Camp, the company’s rubber processing plant, and attended a worship service at the Catholic Church.