Vice President Boakai Dedicates Fish Hatchery in Gbegbedu

Friday, 5th December 2008
Foya, Lofa County - Vice President Joseph N. Boakai, who arrived in Voinjama, Lofa County on Thursday at the start of a five-day visit, dedicated a fish hatchery in Gbegbedu town in Quardu Gboni Mandingo District on Friday.

Speaking at a reception held in his honor at the Gbegbedu Town Hall, Vice President Boakai urged citizens of the area to forget about ethnicity, religious divisions and anything that would throw the country's development backwards.

He also challenged them to grow cash crops like coffee and cocoa to enable them to earn money to improve their living standards.

Vice President Boakai assured citizens of Lofa County about Government's concern about their well-being, noting, "We want to see our people's lives improve. If we don't show interest in our people, then being President and Vice President would be meaningless."

In response to an earlier appeal by the citizens for the reconditioning of roads, building schools and health centers in the district, Vice President Boakai assured that the Poverty Reduction Strategy seeks to improve the living standards of all Liberians through improved security, infrastrucrture and economic empowerment of citizens.

He said the PRS, which has been renamed "Lift Liberia," also seeks to make even the remotest areas accessible by road to facilitate the delivery of education, health and other facilities.

He thanked citizens of Quardu Gboni for the peaceful manner in which they have conducted themeslves since the inception of the Unity-Party led Government.

Earlier in remarks, the Representative of the area, Honorable Malian Jaleiba, assured the Vice President that farmers in the district would henceforth not import groundnuts, rice and other commodities that can be grown in Liberia.

"We will engage in projects to ensure the success of this Government," Honorable Jaleiba said, and disclosed that last year, no groundpeas were imported from Guinea.

She further disclosed that every community in Quardu Gboni District cultivated a farm this year, while women in the district cultivated rice, peanuts, pineapple and cocoa. "When we say we will do it, we will do it. All we only need is the Government's support and we will make you proud," she added.

Also in remarks, the Assistant Representative of the F.A.O., Robert Boiwu, disclosed that the Danish government has consented to assist women farmers in Lofa, Bong and Nimba counties with USD$1.2 million.

He said this year, the F.A.O. will provide farming machines to ensble the women to engage in-large scale farming, while in 2009, the project will assist in the cultivation of beans and peanuts.

Vice President Boakai later inspected an agriculture technology transfer center in Selega, Voinjama District.

Vice President Boakai, who arrived in Foya District on Friday, is expected to launch the ADA commercial farming project on Saturday.