VP Calls on Liberians to Ensure the Success of PRS

Wednesday, 10th December 2008
Monrovia, Liberia - Liberiaís Vice President, Jopseph N. Boakai, has reiterated his call on Liberians to shun violence and unite to ensure the success of the Poverty Reduction Strategy, otherwise known as 'Lift Liberia.'

He said the PRS can only succeed if Liberians allow peace to reign in the country.

Vice President Boakai made the remarks Saturday at a Town Hall Meeting he called at the Foya Town Hall to further explain the operations of the African Development and Libya Africa Development Portfolio (ADA/LAP) Consortium.

He said the UP-led Government came to power to serve the people, but noted that the Government's rebuilding and development programs can only move forward if citizens are united and committed to peace.

He described the ADA/LAP project as "impressive," and expressed optimism that the country would become self-sufficient in rice production in two years following the launch of full-scale operations of ADA/LAP.

Vice President Boakai accordingly urged citizens of the district to cooperate with ADA/LAP, reminding them that the agency is a business entity which embarked on the venture to make profit.

He reminded the citizens that the operations of ADA/LAP in Foya District would also bring in its wake other benefits to the district.

Briefing chiefs, elders, women and youth about operations of ADA/LAP,  the ADA/LAP Manager and Agro-Economist, Mr. Steve Stubblefield, said the USD$30 million mechanized rice cultivation project aims to cultivate 17,000 hectares of rice farm in Foya District.

Mr. Stubblefield said 2,500 hectares would be cultivated each year, adding that this has already started both upland and lowland rice cultivation. He also said that full-scale operations would commence as soon as caterpillars and other machines for the project are brought in.

At a Town Hall Meeting held in the Foya City Hall, the Chief Executive Officer of ADA/LAP, Mr. Wendell McIntosh, made a power-point presentation about machinery to be used in the mechanized farming project, and informed citizens that they should count themselves lucky that ADA/LAP had chosen the district as its operational area.

He said the company currently employs 500 persons, including 400 farm hands who are paid better than Firestone tappers.

The Vice President was guided on a tour of the ADA/LAP project areas in Chiesenei, Ngisakonja and Mendengisua by Mr. McIntosh and other ADA/LAP executives.