President Boakai

President Boakai Makes Additional Appointments in Government February 28, 2024

Monrovia, Liberia - The President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has nominated additional officials to positions in government affecting the Liberia Electricity Corporation, (LEC) the General Services Agency (GSA), the Ministry of Labor (MOL), the Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME) and the Roberts International Airport (RIA).

The nominees are: 

1)    Cllr. Emmanuel A. Tulay, Chairman of the Board, Liberia Electricity Corporation (LEC)

2)    Galakpai Kortimai, Director General, General Services Agency (GSA)

3)    Othello P. Mansuo, Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Labor (MOL)

4)    Daybay E. Johnson, Assistant Minister for Regional Labor Affairs, Ministry of Labor (MOL)

5)    Raphael E. Donokolo, Assistant Minister for Alien Registration, Ministry of Labor (MOL)

6)    Rufus Saylee, Assistant Minister for Trade Union Affairs, Ministry of Labor  (MOL) 

7)    Emmanuel Zorh, Assistant Minister for Labor Standards, Ministry of Labor (MOL)

8)    Rufus K. Freeman, Assistant Minister for Administration, Ministry of Labor (MOL)

9)    Eudora Blay Pritchard, Deputy Minister for Administration, Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME)

10)    Hines S. Williams, Deputy Minister for Operations, Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME)

11)    Charles Umehai, Deputy Minister for Energy, Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME)

12)    Fanseh Mulbah, Deputy Minister for Planning, Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME)

13)    Oliver Gbegbe, Assistant Minister for Mineral Operations, Ministry of Mines & Energy (MME)

14)    James K. Mulbah, General Manager, Roberts International Airport (RIA)

These nominations, where applicable, are subject to confirmation by the Liberian Senate.

President Boakai further calls on all those nominated to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.