President Boakai
President Boakai

President Boakai Nominates and Appoints Additional Officials To Government

Executive Mansion, Monrovia - The President of the Republic of Liberia, His Excellency Joseph Nyuma Boakai, Sr., has nominated and appointed additional members of government affecting the Local Government and Office of the President. 

These nominations where applicable, are subject to consent by the Liberian Senate. 

The institutions, nominees and appointees are:

I.    Office Of the President
1. Mr. Mohammed Maladho Bah, Presidential Special Envoy on Investment.  

II.    Grand Gedeh County

1)    Philip Z. Joh, County Financial Officer
2)    Eric Gbieor, Relieving Commissioner
3)    Philip Geneyan, Mayor, Zleh City
4)    Alfred C. Garley, Statutory Superintendent, Gbarzon Statutory District

III.    Grand Bassa County

1.    Julia Bono, Superintendent
2.    Paul Y. Piah, County Financial Officer
3.    Moses G. Henry, County Development Officer
4.    James W. Duen, County Administrative Officer
5.    Lady Benson, Mayor, Edina City
6.    George B. Gaybueh, Mayor, Buchanan City

IV.    River Gee County

1.    Robert Dixson- Statutory Superintendent, Webbo Statutory District
2.    J. Dartyea Billy- Statutory Superintendent, Sarbo Statutory District
3.    Rev. Shelton Saylee- Statutory Superintendent, Gbeapo Statutory District
4.    Anthony Teah- Statutory Superintendent, Teinpo Satutory District 
5.    Nathaniel S. Wesseh- Commissioner, Sarbo Adm. District
6.    Peter C. Toe- Commissioner, Tuobo Adm. District
7.    Saylee Swen- Commissioner, Putupo Adm. District
8.    Myers Saytue- Commissioner, Nanee Adm. District
9.    Isaac Chenekan- Commissioner, Kafore Adm. District
10.    Hanna Wetty- Commissioner, Glarro Adm. District
11.    Solomon Nyonosie- Commissioner, Gbeapo Adm. District
12.    Alfred Jorh- District Commissioner, Nyenawiliken Adm. District
13.    Jarpah Jackson- Mayor, Gbarwleken City
14.    Emmanuel Saygbechee- Mayor, Sarbo City
15.    Andrew Chea- Mayor, Jarka City
16.    Samuel Gbaquie- Mayor, Tuobo Sweaken City
17.    Skinner Swen- Mayor, Kliken City, 
18.    Victor S. G. Quaye- Mayor, Matuaken City
19.    James Sarty Saylee- Commissioner, Flewroken Township
20.    Albert K. Dwight- Commissioner, Seipo Township
21.    Matthew Quayee- Commissioner, Kilepo Township
22.    Romeo Martin- Commissioner, Qayeejah Township
23.    Desey Cholopray- Commissioner, Katoken Township
24.    Celline K. Quayee- Commissioner, Woloken Township
25.    Brickson Gballah- Commissioner, Gmayeaken Township
26.    Oliver S. Wreh- Commissioner, Saykliwreh Township
27.    Aloysious Farley- Commissioner, Jargboken Township
28.    Nathaniel W. Wesseh- Commissioner, Wessehville Township
29.    Emmanuel Toe- Commissioner, Nyenyawiliken Township
30.    Saylee Slopaw- Commissioner, Kayeken Township
31.    Toe Gbayea- Commissioner, Chegboken Township
32.    Toe Woltoe Jr.- Commissioner, Gmatue Township
33.    Joseph Toe- Commissioner, Menowien Township
34.    Tarby Bobby Freeman- Commissioner, Nyaaken Township
35.    Methuselah Hinneh- Commissioner, Gibsonville Township
36.    James T. Williams- Commissioner, Wlegboken Township
37.    Victoria Jallah- Commissioner, Jaycheken Township
38.    Peter Wlehka Tuweh- Commissioner, Neplue Township
39.    Victor K. Myers- Commissioner, Kiteabo Township
40.    Augustine Zuo- Commissioner, Glaro Township
41.    Liverpool George- Commissioner, Harrisville Township
42.    Daniel N. Kear- Commissioner, Klarkor Township
43.    Daniel T. Geegbeh- Commissioner, Dargba Township
44.    John Farr- Commissioner, Poduway Township
45.    Ben T. Weah- Commissioner, Jarpah Township
46.    Nathaniel Chuwah- Commissioner, Pahwillyville Township
47.    Francis Nyepan- Commissioner, Jayproville Township
48.    John Q. Bawilly- Commissioner, Sarteah Township
49.    Emmanuel Sukuta- Commissioner, Maplay Township

V.    Grand Kru County

1.    D. Nyema George- County Financial Officer
2.    Comfort N. Broh- City Mayor, Barclayville City
3.    J. Tartu Gray- Relieving Commissioner
4.    Anthony J. Toe- Statutory Superintendent, Buah Statutory District
5.    Hepton Koffa- City Mayor, Gee City, Buah Statutory District 
6.    Augustine Teblee- District Commissioner, Kpi Adm. District
7.    Amos Sloh- City Mayor, Lonta City, Buah Statutory District
8.    Wleh Saywon- City Mayor, Tarlu City, Buah Statutory District
9.    Ephraim Senyon- Township Commissioner, Wilsonville Township, Buah Statutory District
10.    C. Fonnoh Weah- Township Commissioner, Smithville Township, Buah Statutory District
11.    Thomas D. S. Suku- Township Commissioner, Martigh Township, Buah Statutory District
12.    Larry Nyanfore- Township Commissioner, Brohville Township, Buah Statutory District
13.    Catherine Doe- Township Commissioner, Tuoville Township, Buah Statutory District
14.    Lawrence Nyondueh- Statutory Superintendent, Dorbor Statutory District
15.    Jay Redd Nagbe- District Commissioner, Dorbor Adm. District
16.    Tommy Greenfield- District Commissioner, Fanitoe Adm. District
17.    Dennis Weah- District Commissioner, Bolloh Adm. District
18.    K. Jack Toe- City Mayor, Barford City
19.    Augustine Togba- City Mayor, Wasua City
20.    Henry Noukan-City Mayor, Kaykpo City
21.    Wilbert B. Teah- City Mayor, Semmenoh City
22.    Federick Doe- City Mayor- Ducor City
23.    Blaford Nimene- City Mayor, Kayteah City
24.    Wilfred Snoh- City Mayor, Snoh City 
25.    Stephen Wiah- Township Commissioner, Bolloh Township, Dorbor Statutory District
26.    Demetric Gmah- Township Commissioner, Barwon Township, Dorbor Statutory District
27.    Helena M. Toe- Township Commissioner, Nimenyouville Township, Dorbor Statutory District
28.    B. Tweh Nagbe- Township Commissioner, Weayan Township, Dorbor Statutory District
29.    William Dortu- Statutory Superintendent, Forpoh Statutory District
30.    Eric Portiepah- District Commissioner, Forpoh Statutory District
31.    Okjuku Blamoh- City Mayor, Pennoh City, Forpoh Statutory District
32.    Larrison M. Tenneh- City Mayor, Parluken City, Forpoh Statutory District
33.    Isaac Koffa- Township Commissioner, Forpoh Township, Forpoh Statutory District
34.    Esther Jlatuh- Township Commissioner, Pennoh City, Forpoh Statutory District
35.    Alfred Telar- Township Commissioner, Sarjiajilpleh, Forpoh Statutory District
36.    Robert Karpeh- Statutory Superintendent, Jloh Statutory District 
37.    Helena Jiple- City Mayor, Betu City, Jloh Statutory District
38.    Philip Benson- District Commissioner, Felo/ Jekwi, Jloh Statutory District
39.    Ophelia Nagbe- City Mayor, Dio City, Jloh Statutory District
40.    Oliver Trueh- City Mayor, Niplani City, Jloh Statutory District
41.    Washington Sackor- Statutory Superintendent, Jroa Statutory District
42.    Paul W. Nagbe- City Mayor, Nrowkia City, Jroa Statutory District
43.    Edward D. Nagbe- Commissioner, Lower Sasstown City, Jroa Statutory District
44.    Edward K. Wregbe- Commissioner, Wessah Township, Jroa Statutory District
45.    J. Dugba Weah- Commissioner, Sloyen Township, Jroa Statutory District
46.    Ebenezer T. Nagbe- Commissioner, Wlojuku Township, Jroa Statutory District
47.    Patrick W. Woto- Commissioner, Upper Sasstown City, Jroa Statutory District
48.    N. Konmana Nyaneh Sr.- District Commissioner, Wedabo Statutory District
49.    A. Barslee Nyenpah Klah Sr- City Mayor, Grand Cess City
50.    Esther Plee- City Mayor, Gbanken City
51.    Roland G. Nyanfore- Statutory Superintendent, Trehn Statutory District
52.    Dickson D. Wallace- Commissioner, Garraway Adm. District,
53.    Charles T. Nimely- Commissioner, Blebo Adm. District
54.    Nelson S. Doe- Commissioner, Pinikcess Adm. District
55.    James B. Toe- City Mayor, Soroken City
56.    Theophilus Davis- City Mayor, Worteken City
57.    Wiefue F. Wilson- City Mayor, Behwan City
58.    Augustine S. Nugba- City Mayor, Dougbo City
59.    Benedictus Q. Geweh- City Mayor, Nemiah City
60.    Peter D. Pouh- City Mayor, Genoyah City
61.    Joe N. Bioh- City Mayor, Blebo City
62.    Fred K. Hinneh- Commissioner, Trenbo Gbanken Township
63.    Caesar Q. Nyemah- Commissioner, Wetekan Towship
64.    Augustus Y. Genoway- Commissioner, Sawken Township 
65.    Robert O. Doe- Commissioner, Andrewville Township
66.    Emmanuel W. Toe- Commissioner, Nyanbo Township
67.    Victor Monnoh- Commissioner, Zoloken Township
68.    Kyne G. Shannoh- Commissioner, Saywonken Township
69.    Augustine Baslee- City Mayor, Grand Cess City, Wedabo District
70.    Jack Pleeyeh- City Mayor, Wedabo City, Wedabo District
71.    Abraham B. Gray- Commissioner, Barclayville Adm. District
72.    Minikon Sieh- Commissioner, Seedeeville Township, Gbetao Statutory District
73.    Felix Teah- Statutory Superintendent, Gbetao Statutory District

VI.    Bomi County

1.    Dr. Zobon Norman- College President, Bomi Community College
2.    Varney Alieu Dorley- County Financial Officer
3.    Alphonso Sherman- County Administrative Officer
4.    Mohamed A. Sheriff- Mayor, Tubmanburg City
5.    Sando Fulley- Relieving Commissioner
6.     Philip Keh Piesia- Township Commissioner, Gbah Township
7.    Rev. Morris Smith- Statutory Superintendent, Suehn Mecca Statutory District
8.    Mr. Saymolu B. Dorley- District Commissioner, Suehn Mecca Statutory District
9.    Mr. Seh M. Darmago- Township Commissioner, Suehn Township
10.    Mr. Momo P. Seh- District Commissioner, Klay Adm. District
11.    Mr. Alfred B. Massaquoi- District Commissioner, Tehr Adm. District

VII.    Grand Cape Mount County

1.     Foley Kiatamba, Superintendent
2.    Aaron F. Sambolah, County Development Officer
3.    Andrew Massaley, County Financial Officer
4.    T. Bai Massaquoi, City Mayor, Robertsports City
5.    Momo G. Daffa, County Relieving Commissioner
6.    Kandakai Kiazolu, District Commissioner, Garwular District
7.    Mr. Aaron B. Sambolah, District Commissioner, Tewor District
8.    Mr. Patrick Alieu, District Commissioner, Porkpa District
9.    Pst. Alfred Varney, District Commissioner, Golakonneh District
10.     Musu Cooke, Township Commissioner, Tallah Township
11.     Bendu Zaza, Township Commissioner, Madina Township
12.    Mamu Passawe, Township Commissioner, Mano River Township –Bo
13.    Musa Dagoseh- Township Commissioner, R. A. Sherman Township
14.    George Kiadii Gapi, Township Commissioner, Kongo Township
15.    Roland Sietua, Township Commissioner, Bendaja Township
16.    Thomas Gonda, Township Commissioner, Beh Gondor Township
17.    Kabelu Konneh, Statutory Superintendent, Porkpa- Golakonneh Statutory District
18.     Hannah C. Wheamie, City Mayor, Porkpa-Golakonneh City

VIII.    Bong County

1.    Sedekie L. Kromah, County Development Officer
2.    Salis Tokpah, County Financial Officer
3.    D. Sam B. Elliot, County Administrative Officer
4.    Arthur Oddman, Relieving Commissioner
5.    Gallah Varpilah, City Mayor, Gbarnga City
6.    Francis Gbelawoe, Suakoko City
7.    Mama Garlawolo, City Mayor, Gbartala City
8.    P. A. Karmue, City Mayor, Palala City
9.    Dennis D. Ben, City Mayor, Totota City
10.    Bendu Q. Norkoi, City Mayor, Salala City
11.    Papa L. Dolo, City Mayor, Botota City
12.    Anthony Sims, City Mayor, Bong Mines City
13.    Nixon L. Kpee, Statutory Superintendent, Kokoyah Statutory District, Electoral District #1
14.    Emmanuel G. Garglan, District Commissioner, Boinsen Adm. District, Electoral District #1
15.    Ansu Sirleaf, District Commissioner, Turkpablee District, Electoral District #1
16.    Isaac Gbarnyan, District Commissioner, Kokoyah Adm. District, Electoral District #1
17.    James T. Kpoquoi, District Commissioner, Kpaai Adm. District, Electoral District #1
18.    David C. Karshue, District Commissioner, Jorquelleh- Two, Electoral District #2
19.    Fatu Banney, District Commissioner, Jorquelleh- One, Electoral District #3
20.    Boye Varkpah Sackie, District Commissioner, Yellequelleh Adm. District, Electoral District #5
21.    Moses Dohntay, District Commissioner, Suakoko Adm. District, Electoral District #5
22.    Stephen Naimenie Binda, District Commissioner, Konawolalah Adm. District, Electoral District #6
23.    Mr. Lawrence Kaine, District Commissioner, Sanoyea Adm. District, Electoral District #7
IX.    Montserrado County
1.    Ms. Giftee Sanda Fiakai- County Financial Officer

2.    Sylvester A. Lama- County Administrative Officer

3.    Robert B. Teah- Governor, New Kru Town Municipal Borough

President Boakai further calls on all those nominated and appointed to continue to demonstrate diligence, commitment, integrity, professionalism, and loyalty in service to country.